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contact :

represented by:  Plush Gallery in Dallas TX; Artist Abbey Gallery and Zia Gallery in T or C NM

New Mexico is like that. You never know in what obscure canyon or on what sun-baked mesa

you will find an artist or scholar on exile.                novelist - Conrad Richter



   My life began in the flatlands of west Texas. At the age of five we moved to Arizona and three years later to New Mexico. These vast landscapes would be a creative influence throughout my life.

   My senior year of high school, we moved to Houston. After a few years attending community college, I joined the Air Force. I had grown up working in my father's machine shops - physically demanding work, cutting, shaping and welding metal - but I also had a natural drawing talent. The military gave me the discipline and opportunity to develop this creative side. As I moved around the states and to Asia, I found time to study - artists and art movements; classic and contemporary literature; and Eastern philosophies - subjects that consistently and continually inspire me.

   In 1980 I returned to Texas to get an art degree. I attended two other colleges before finding a fit at Texas State University. The moves were tough, yet a blessing, as each school connected me with professors that greatly influenced my art and life philosophies. I received a BFA in Studio Art, moved to Austin, and joined an artist community that orbited around the UT campus. I soon became a father and a few years later, we were a family of four. To keep us fed, I began working with a master carpenter in a booming housing market, and the skills learned were to serve me well.

   I had a painting selected for the New American Talent 1988show at the Laguna Gloria Museum in Austin. From that I joined the 500X Gallery in Dallas - where we then moved to - and I was now part of a larger art community and market. In 1993, Sally Sprout added my paintings to the 8 Contemporary Texas Artists exhibit and I joined her gallery in Houston. A year later I was included in the inaugural show - Exquisite Corpse -at The MAC in Dallas. Another first was my 1995 solo show, Soft Machines, as I turned the entire gallery into an installation of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media objects.

   At the turn of the century I joined a new, more conceptual gallery in Dallas called Plush Art. My 2005 solo show Laundry Baskets at CSAW in Houston was my first time creating a performance piece. The next year I joined five other Plush artists in New York City, creating installations and performance pieces for the exhibit Manic and Wasted.

   All this performing helped me become more comfortable in front of crowds so in 2008 I began teaching. At the Creative Arts Center I developed adult painting classes and workshops in acrylic, oil and watercolor, presented art programs at parks and community centers, and was instrumental in launching ArtAbility - a program that provided workshops for the special needs community. That same year, I began working with Big Thought, an organization that provides after-school and summer programs for at-risk elementary school students. I created two of their most popular programs - Chalk Drawing and Mural Painting, and Cartooning with Math. 

   In 2017 I returned to the enchanted land, to a tiny town on the Rio Grande, surrounded by mountains, incredible ever-changing skies with infinite views, and deep space star lit nights. In 2018, my first show in New Mexico was Here and Now at the NMSU Art Gallery Las Cruces. I am represented by Artist Abbey Gallery and Zia Gallery in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico